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How much does it cost?

Blue Crete is 10 – 20% LESS expensive than traditional Portland cement.

How does the delivery process work?

Delivery of the product is exactly the same as delivery processes for traditional Portland cement.

Is it as strong as Portland cement?

Stronger.  Geo-Blue Crete has three times the compressive and tensile strength of Portland and requires significantly less energy to produce, thus leaving a substantially smaller carbon footprint.

What kind of an impact can Blue Crete have on our projects?

According to the USGBC, In the United States, buildings are responsible for:

  • 39% of all energy consumption.
  • 71% Electricity Consumption
  • 12% Portable Water consumption
  • 30% Raw Materials Use
  • 30% Waste Output
  • 39% Co2 Emissions

High performance green buildings built with green materials like Blue Crete use less, waste less and produce less green house gas emissions than conventional buildings. High performance green buildings address concerns over rising energy costs, drought and global climate change.

Can Blue Crete help us achieve more LEED points?

Yes, it can. Blue Crete can help increase your LEED points in the categories of “Energy & Atmosphere” as well as “Materials & Resources”.

Quality Commitment

Quality is no longer a desired trait amongst products and companies in the marketplace. It’s an expectation. Being a leader in innovation takes an organization-wide commitment to deliver the kind of certainty clients depend on. At Blue World Crete, quality is standard practice every day and in every product.

We take quality seriously. Blue World Crete is among the first green technology companies to have a fully-integrated quality culture built into its business. We offer more than a program. Our approach is based on using a collaborative approach to solve issues together – meaning that quality isn’t just a single activity, but a series of vital practices that are integrated into our day to day processes.

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