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According to a 2008 study by the Energy Information Administration, buildings are one of the heaviest consumers of natural resources and account for a significant portion of the greenhouse gas emissions that affect climate change. In the U.S., buildings account for 38% of all CO2 emissions. That’s simply not sustainable.

Blue World Crete’s technology uses a proprietary catalyst/binding agent that is combined with materials containing alumina silicate to produce a cement product that dramatically lowers the amount of energy required to produce the cement and CO2 that is emitted into the atmosphere. It is the first true alternative to traditional forms of  Portland cement.

Blue Crete uses many of the same materials used in blends with traditional Portland cement. However, the major difference comes from the fact that Geo-Blue Crete isn’t produced with quarried limestone product. Limestone creates an excessive amount of CO2 by virtue of the fact that extreme heat is used to create the cement. Geo-Blue Crete uses a proprietary catalyst/binding agent that can allow the cement to be produced at ambient temperatures, from sub-tropical to below freezing, meaning that it takes 80 to 90% less energy to produce and dramatically lowers the CO2 released into the atmosphere.

What does this mean?

It means we’re taking Traditional Portland Cement and replacing it with an even better product with a host of other valuable properties, not the least of which is making it more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.  Blue Crete™ is a green product from birth, with the following advantages:

  • Highly-Resistant or impervious to water, acids, corrosion, sulfates and more
  • It is a monolithic product
  • Covalently bonds to most anything on a molecular level
  • Near zero coefficient of expansion, will work in freezing or tropical regions of the world
  • It cures by an exothermic reaction
  • Early strength when curing, 2500-3000psi after 3 days.
  • Three times the compressive and tensile strength of Portland
  • Can be handled and worked with in 3 to 7 days
  • Very slow, if any, transfer of heat.  Great for insulating and fire retarding/proofing
  • Custom design client’s end product with our technology
  • Can be used as a coating to protect, insulate and enhance existing Portland structures and other material, even wood.  It can be painted, rolled, or used in a Gunite gun.
  • Is used to create a superior Mortar, imparting many of its’ properties to whatever you put the mortar on.
  • Is cost competitive with Portland, but works just like Portland.
  • Is less expensive to produce than Portland.  Portland must use expensive $200 million dollar plus plant to manufacture.  A Blue Crete plant costs 1/20th of this.
  • Mixed and used on-site.
  • Pour into casts and remove cast after a few hours.
  • Low carbon footprint.
  • Allows end user to offset their carbon pollution, lower their carbon footprint and possibly earn carbon credits by using our technology/product in their projects
  • Is mixed packaged, shipped and delivered the same as traditional Portland cement.
  • Is priced competitively with traditional forms of Portland cement.
  • Can increase your LEED points in the categories of Energy & Atmosphere as well as Materials & Resources.
  • Meets all the same testing standards as traditional Portland cement.
  • and more….

Be sure to check out our incredible videos of R&D lab testing, click here

This is where the rubber meets the road. Blue World Crete is driven by the desire to continuously improve our products and services which helps inspire us to develop the most progressive technology in the building materials industry.  With the use of our technology, at Blue World Crete, we can meet your needs from end to end.

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