A 2×4 piece of wood has been coated with our Geo-Blue Coatings. The thickness is only 3/8 of an inch. The torch being used is 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. The video was started approximately 20 to 30 seconds AFTER the flame was applied. The outer coating was paint, which burned away quickly, but the wood NEVER burns because of our coating applied to it. The thermometer is buried in the wood so that the tip of it is even with the torch flame. The temperature does not move!

This is a concrete block made with a percentage of Portland mixed in to create a hybrid block. This block using our patented technology, Blue Crete, has all the attributes of our tech DESPITE the addition of some Portland in the mix design. A 1500 degree torch is again used and our block does not spark or explode like a Portland block would. It is highly heat resistant. As you see, we put our hand inside the block with the torch on the outside and no heat reached the skin on the hand. Video was started 20 to 30 seconds AFTER torch was applied.

Here we are using a variation of our Blue Crete technology. This is a prototype “steel” I-Beam to replace a real steel I-Beam. We cut a VERY thin cross section to perform another burn test. You can’t slice Portland like this! Once again, we subject it to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Normal concrete cannot take this abuse without cracking, breaking, splitting or exploding. This specimen not only takes the heat with no problem, but we throw COLD water from the fridge on it and NOTHING happens to it! Video was started 20 to 30 seconds AFTER torch was applied.

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